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How do I submit my image for custom items?

After you you complete your order there is an image submission form on your Order Acknowledgement page. You will upload your image and acknowledge our copyright terms there. If you have already placed the order and or cannot find that page, you can submit your image Here using our help page. Please reference your order number if possible.  

If the form is not working for you, you can always email us a copy of your image to referencing your Order#. 

Do you do custom Artwork?

No, we are a printing service. We simply print the image that you provide onto our custom goods. We are, however looking to provide this service in the future. If you are an artist and would be interested in providing this service to others, please contact us!

What is Copyright?

In a nutshell, Copyright is the right to print, use, and distribute images. Darkhound Studios LLC is a printing service and is not responsible for obtaining the permissions of the copyright holder. It is YOUR responsibility to obtain the Copyright holders permission and maintain the appropriate records before submitting an image to Darkhound Studios LLC for print. By submitting an image you claim all responsibility for any copyright infringement. We reserve the right to refuse to print copyrighted images without proper proof of copyright ownership.

BEWARE: Large monetary penalties may be assessed for illegally copying photos without the written permission of the copyright owner.

If you want to know more details about copyrights, you can go Here

What size does my image need to be?

We print all of our images with a high resolution of 300 dpi. This being said, the larger the image submitted and the better the pixel ratio, the clearer the image will be. We will, however, not punish you for submitting a poor quality image. If you submit an image that needs severe cropping or is not clear enough, we will provide you with a proof before printing. If this proof is unsatisfactory then you are allowed to re-submit your image. The printing details are outlined below. 

Ratio: 13:24    
Orientation: Landscape
Dice Bags
Ratio: 3:4    
Orientation: Portrait
Ratio: 2.5:3.5
Orientation: Portrait

Are nude images allowed?

Yes, we allow nudity to be printed on our products. You will be required to provide your Date of Birth at the time of the order if the image contains what we deem "R" rated material. We reserve the right to not print what we deem offensive material, and provide you with a full refund if we do not feel comfortable printing your image. If you would like to submit an image before purchasing to ensure that it is acceptable, please fill out our Submit a Question form.

How long do custom items take to ship?

On average, we are able to process items in the following time frames. This is not a guarantee, merely a guide line. If there will be any delays we will notify you immediately.
Playmats - 3 Day Processing
Tokens - 2 Day Processing
Dice Bags - 4 Day Processing


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