Custom Embroidered Hat

Darkhound Studios LLC

$ 15.00 $ 20.00

Custom embroidered hat with the Logo of your choice! (the logos will be in the accent colors (Red, Yellow, or White respectively by default. If you wish for a different color embroidery, please make a note on your order.) 

Submit the Logo that you would like embroidered on the hat during the checkout process. 1 color logos only. For more complex logos please contact us directly for pricing options.

*Please note that custom hats are Made to Order and will have a 3 day processing time.

The use of copyrighted materials without the express written consent of the author, artist, photographer, or other copyright holder is strictly prohibited. By submitting an image, you verify that you have the right to use and reproduce the file. Darkhound Studios LLC is not in any way liable or responsible for any inappropriate uses of material of any kind. 

All artwork will be reproduced as submitted. Please be sure that artwork is at an appropriate resolution and that it is free of imperfections prior to uploading. Darkhound Studios LLC is not responsible for imperfections on the final printed product that occur as a result of poor quality artwork. 

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